Motorcycle License Arizona

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Class M (Motorcycle) 

A motorcycle license or endorsement is required to operate a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a motorcycle license or endorsement. An applicant for a motorcycle license or endorsement who is under 18 must have held an Arizona instruction permit for at least 6 months. The permit must be valid at the time of application. An applicant must also have satisfactorily completed a motorcycle driver education program that is approved by MVD, or the parent or guardian must certify in writing that the applicant has completed at least 30 hours of motorcycle riding practice. An applicant holding an out-of-state motorcycle license or endorsement is exempt from the driver education/driving practice and instruction permit requirements.

Written Tests 

When applying for your first Arizona driver license or instruction permit with a motorcycle endorsement, you must pass a written motorcycle test based on the information contained in the Motorcycle Operator Manual, and a separate driver license test based on the information in the Driver License Manual. One application fee allows you three attempts to pass the tests in a 12-month period.

Both the driver license and motorcycle examinations are available in English and Spanish. If you cannot read English or Spanish well enough to take a written test, arrangements can be made for an oral examination. If you need an interpreter, you must provide one.

If you are renewing an Arizona license, you may have to take the written test.

Motorcycle Skills Test 

The motorcycle skills test is a 10-15 minute demonstration of your riding ability that consists of performing maneuvers on an off-street, closed track as described in the following instructions.

If you have a current out-of-state motorcycle license in your possession, and the state that issued the license requires a motorcycle skills test similar to that given by Arizona, then you normally will not be required to take the test. However, you may be required to take a test anytime that you apply for an Arizona license.